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Triferexx®-150 Polysaccharide-iron complex

Composition: Iron (elemental) 150 mg
Indication: Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia and/or nutritional megaloblastic anemia.
How supplied: 30 and 100 capsules per bottle

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Ezfer® 150mg Polysaccharide-iron complex

Composition: Iron (elemental) 150mg with 250mg of vitamin C
Indication: Helps to prevent iron deficiency anemia. Helps to form red blood cells and helps in their proper function.
How supplied: 30 and 100 capsules per bottle


Composition: DIMENHYDRINATE 50mg, ERGOTAMINE TARTRATE 1mg, CAFFEINE 100mg per capsule
Indication: For the relief of migraine headaches and other recurrent vascular headaches.
How supplied: 100 capsules per bottle