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Iron & Vitamin C

EZFER Is the First Iron & Vitamin C Combo in One EZ Capsule.

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Other Iron medications have cocktails of more than two ingredients with inadequate doses.

Only EZFER has 150mg Elemental IRON Combined With 250mg Vitamin C.

Only EZFER has the Original Triferexx PIC combined with Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid.

Maximum IRON & Maximum Vitamin C.

Only EZFER has Triferexx, the longest selling brand name polysaccharide-iron complex pic in Canada, combined with Vitamin C with no other ingredients. Unique Quality meeting With Innovation.

The Quality of Triferexx the original brand name over 20 consecutive years in Canada plus The Innovation of 250 mg Vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.

ONLY EZFER has the exact amount of elemental iron required combined with the exact amount of Vitamin C required according to the FAMILY Medicine Anemia Guidelines & Hospital Anemia Blood Conservation Guidelines.

Avoid the burdensome extra dollar cost of orange juice or Vitamin C supplements with iron. Take EZFER unique iron and vitamin C in one simple convenient once daily dose. Avoid the inconvenience of additional dosing required for vitamin C with other iron medication.

Avoid sugar spikes from Orange juice with other iron medication.