Triferexx is the longest selling polysaccharide-iron complex pic in Canada

Most ELEMENTAL iron available in a single capsule

More economical

Triferexx is the original brand name over 15 years in Canada

Triferexx 150 is a high potency (150mg elemental iron per dose) oral iron supplement. These iron capsules allow for only once a day dosing while minimizing side effects that other oral iron supplements — such as ferrous salts — may cause. Triferexx 150 avoids or reduces these common oral iron supplement side effects:

Triferexx Bottles

Triferexx 150 is available in 100 capsule bottles and 30 capsule bottles

NOW AVAILABLE IN VEGAN CERTIFIED CAPSULES that reduce common ferrous salt side effects:

TRIFEREXX 150 is a polysaccharide-iron complex used in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia and nutritional megaloblastic anemia. Iron deficiency means you have low Iron levels in your blood. Most oral iron products are ionic and are broken down in the stomach and cause unwanted side effects like constipation. TRIFERREX 150 is a non-ionic formulation that coats the iron and allows it to be delivered to the bloodstream without it coming in contact with the stomach. Its unique formulation reduces side effects.

Non-ionic in the mouth, it is therefore completely tasteless and does not stain teeth. Many oral iron supplements should be taken on an empty stomach but this increases the likelihood of adverse effects. Due to its formulation and the way it is absorbed, Triferexx can be given with or without food. But take as directed by physician.


Iron is used by the body to create red blood cells. When iron counts are low, the body begins to feel fatigued. Iron is a key component to energy levels.

Triferexx® 150 Ezfer®
Brand Recognition: Since 2003 Since 2016
Price: More economical More economical
NPN: Yes Yes
Sizes Available: 30 & 100 capsule bottles 30 & 100 capsule bottles
Availability: Across Canada Across Canada
Elemental Iron per dose: 150mg 150mg + 250mg vitamin C
  • Kosher certified
  • Halal certified
  • Vegan certified
  • Stamped on every bottle
  • Kosher certified
  • Halal certified
  • Vegan certified
  • Stamped on every bottle
Ezfer Box

For patients who need reduced gastro-intestinal side effects and improved iron absorption when taking oral supplements.

THE FIRST EVER 150mg Elemental Iron combined with 250mg Ascorbic Acid in Canada.

THE MOST Elemental Iron available combined with the Most Ascorbic Acid available in a once daily dose.

Iron deficiency symptoms:

Read more here. (Dr. Oz,


Iron has three main functions in the body:


Iron requirements go up significantly when you're pregnant. During pregnancy, your blood volume increases by about 50 percent. And pregnant women require greater amounts of it, in order to meet the needs of the baby and placenta — and the mother herself! A lot of blood is lost during delivery which makes it important to take even more iron during the second and third trimesters!


During a woman's years of menstruation, iron needs are a special nutritional concern. On an average, women lose about ¼ cup of blood at each menstruation cycle; women with heavier flow may lose even more! Since iron travels through the blood, some of it is lost during menstrual period.


Pregnant women are more likely to be recommended to increase the amount of iron nutrition they're taking, with an iron supplement to maximize the body's absorption of this mineral. ONLY 15% of the iron we consume is absorbed by our bodies. If you consume 15mg of iron per day, your body is actually only absorbing about 2.25 mg of iron.


Anemia is common in people with kidney disease. Healthy kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin, or EPO, which stimulates the bone marrow to produce the proper number of red blood cells needed to carry oxygen to vital organs. Diseased kidneys often don't make enough EPO. As a result, the bone marrow makes fewer red blood cells.

Ask your physician to prescribe TRIFEREXX for you, although you do not need a prescription for it.

Some drug plans do cover oral iron supplements, so contact your insurance company and enquire about coverage.

TRIFERREX 150 is available in 100 and 30 capsule bottles.

It does not contain any animal by-products, lactose or gluten in its formulations.

Vegan certified by Kashruth Council of Canada and Halal Advising Group.

TRIFEREXX, referred and well respected by doctors for well over a DECADE.